Cosmo June 2013 // Sofia Vergara

Cosmopolitan June 2013

Cosmopolitan June 2013

• 8 Fabulous Finds in this Issue •

Sooooo I’ve been trying to figure out a way to organize all my magazines more efficiently and actually utilize the information or inspiration that I learn/feel while reading, so aside from marking all the pages I want to keep in my magazine binders, I’ve decided to do this!!! It makes me happy, so it works :]

{1} Sofia Vergara. I just love her. I mean, how can you not unless it’s just out of jealousy and envy? She is gorgeous AND hilarious. I think that’s the best winning combo anyone can ask for. Everything I’ve seen her in she always makes me laugh and is very in-your-face, but in a good way. She looks stunning on this cover, and of course I love the bright red and purple theme. (I think half the reason I’m obsessed with magazines in the first place is strictly because I am obsessed with magazine covers. The colors, the beautiful people, and mostly the word art/typography get me every time!!!)

{2} This ad. Love love love love love it. I’m not even a sorbet lover but this is making me a) want some and b) try this vodka!! (Another reason why I’m obssessed with magazines… my crazy obsession for print advertisements. When I was in advertising classes in school, I literally read the textbooks for fun because I loved the ads and the stories behind them that much)


{3} Their “cosmo guy” this month was Michael Bublè. Yummoooo I just love him (and mainly his voice). He discusses his new album, which I have yet to buy (I’m a little behind on my music downloading lately), but I do LOVE his first single off the album, “It’s A Beautiful Day”. Even though it’s about a breakup, it makes me smile and wanna jump up and dance every time. (And the video is awesome.)

{4} Loved the article titled What Makes Us Likeable?: Why are some famous women universally adored while others get the mean girl treatment? And how important is it for women to be liked anyways? This article made me laugh because it talks about some celebs (Emma Stone, Mila Kunis) that everyone seems to love. Then there are other actresses, like Anne Hathaway, who seem very unlikeable. It talks about how we don’t even know/realize WHY we dislike these certain actresses, and I know I am certainly guilty of that. I didn’t realize that there were so many other people that disliked Hathaway the way I do. I mean, I think that I have a legit reason though. When I was younger, I LOVED the Princess Diaries books, so when the movie came out and she was starring, even then I didn’t think she was good enough for the part. She is so bleh to me. Hahahah so basically this article talks about the reasons why people like me think these kinds of things against certain actresses. It made me laugh because it still didn’t change my mind about her.

{5} Ohhhh how this page makes me smile. California, the colors…….. I want that bike shirt, that beach book, the zip pouch, and that awesome sunset top. Just to name a few ;]


{6} This ad isn’t my favorite, but it definitely caught my eye with all the blue hues! Also, I love finding new fun polish collections and/or brands. :]


{7} This ad. I don’t even know what to say. I would say it’s a trainwreck, because it’s so bad yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. Scratch and sniff…?? For a VODKA ad? A super cheap low quality vodka ad?? It made me laugh for sure. And of course I scratched and sniffed that shiznit. Smelt good too. I’m sure it doesn’t taste as good though.


{8} I need these straws. I’ve never seen them before and think they are amazing. I can almost feel the freezing frostyness of them on my lips. You can buy them here!

So those were my random tidbits of fun from this month’s Cosmo. Love love love organizing my thoughts on these things and making lists. So great for me. haha :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse