The Goodies Co. April 2013 Review



Although this April box came on the VERY LAST DAY of the month, it was well worth the wait! Almost all 6 of the goodies inside were devoured quite quickly and everything was delicious and fun! This was well worth the $7 this month to me! Especially because I loved everything inside.


The Goodies Co. is a monthly food subscription service that only costs $7/month! This has only been my second box, but I have loved everything so far! This month might have had a “theme”, but I’m not sure because there was no information in the box about the products. That little card that was resting on top of the tissue paper said for the product listing and descriptions to go online to your account… but when I did, all I got was this — >


Rude. It seems THEY were a bit wrong because I obviously had the nice huge box right in front of me! Oh well, I really didn’t need much explanation for this month’s items… I just opened them up and tasted away!!! So now let’s get onto the goodies!!!!!

Item #1 • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar – Abbott Nutrition 
{$7.99 /6 bars}
This bar was SOOOOO FREAKIN GOOD. I thought that it would be kinda nasty because it’s more of a health bar and I didn’t believe that could actually replicate that amazing raw cookie dough taste…. but they did! It’s sooooo delicious and I can’t wait to buy myself a box of these most delicious treats! Check out the amazingness here.


Item #2 • Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn – Angie’s Popcorn 
{$7.14 /6 pack}
Sooo I was just opening all the different products to try them and then lock them back up in a ziplock bag for future snacking, but I couldn’t put these babies down! They were so addicting and light and sweet and salty and delicious! Perfect popcorn!!! :] Check them out here.


Item #3 • White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies – Lady Walton’s Cookies 
{$4.99/ box of 6 cookies}
I LOVE white chocolate so I was SO EXCITED to finally get something white chocolate related (instead of the usual dark chocolate stuff I seem to always get!). This cookie was super delicious and light and filling at the same time. Just a magical, amazing cookie. Love it! Check them out here.


Item #4 • White Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix – Riega Foods 
{$4.47/ 3 pack}
I was SO PUMPED to see this in my box! I LOVEEEE me some mac & cheese and always have tons of extra pasta laying around just ready to be boiled and smothered in delicious cheeses!! Nom nom nom! I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I pretty much love any mac & cheese I try (besides my fateful experience with blue cheese & mac… gross). I am happy to get a whole meal out of a product from this box, how awesome! CHEESE! Check out the product here.


Item #5 • Sweet Potato Multigran Chips – Green Giant 
{$5.98/ 2 pack}
These chips we’re exactly my FAVORITE, but they were super good! I would have liked a little more seasoning in there, but the salt was good and the chip itself was delicious, especially for a more “healthy” chip! Also love that they are sweet potatoes and the packaging. Check them out here.


Item #6 • Lime Chili Chips – Wai Lana 
{$5.98/ 2 pack}
I was so happy to get 3 different kinds of chip/popcorn snacks in this bag! I LOVE snack foods, they are so yummy! Anyway, these “chips” were fabulous! They tasted kinda like the Mexican chips you can buy on the corners in random Mexican neighborhoods around Chicago! Me and the bf actually just went out on a hunt to find some this week for chips and corn and cucumbers… mmmmm. These chips are super good though and I love how it’s more of a pork rind chip rather than a potato chip. Very different! Check them out here. 


Alright, so I clearly LOVED this month’s box of Goodies! Everything was delicious and fun and unique. However, when I was just looking through my Goodies profile to get the proper listing of the items, it shows that there was a 7th product in the box… a $50 wine giftcard for! I never received this, so maybe it was just for some special people…. I wish I got it though, would have made this box even that much better!


all love & smiles :]

mary elyse