I Gave In {new fall/winter gear}

ever since forever I’ve always been against having a Northface. It seemed like EVERYBODY had one, and if you didn’t (like me) you just better get one soon because, like, seriously, almost every single person I see around my parts wears them. the truth is, of course, I think most of the fun different ones are cute and comfy. The only setback is the high price, but I was going to get a great deal at Macys, so yesterday I bought me 2 new jackets from Northface! I couldn’t stop at just ONE for my first to my probably going to grow collection.

nf2 nf1


Although I do love the white & grey one that almost every girl I see has, I wanted to be different and that black and aqua one was literally calling my name!!! It is so me and I wore it to work already today!! : ) The all blue one is a SUPER FUZZY AND AMAZINGLY SOFT fleece that has an awesome rain hood too. I can wear them together and it’s super warm and also looks very nice.

I also bought 4 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and trunks and a tee for the bf…. for only $81 (not including the Northface purchase of course!!). I will blog about my amazing finds this week : )

all love & smiles,


One Sad Kitty

This morning we took Aria to get spayed…. I was a nervous wreck. I know she’s only a kitty, but she was my first own pet that I’m responsible for, and of course I am completely obsessed with her and her happiness, so hearing her cry all day has been so sad….. but she’s doing a lil better meow & currently sleeping on my lap :]



spay1 spay2Needless to say from these pictures with shock/terror/anger in her cute little face, she was NOT HAPPY on the way to the vet this morning. On another note, doesn’t the snow in the trees look awesome? We drove past these trees for a while, so pretty :]

all love & smiles :]

mary elyse